Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem (IBAS)

Identify and fire on targets from an even greater distance, keeping warfighters out of the danger zone.

The Improved Bradley Acquisition System (IBAS) provides the Warfighter with a significant improvement over the original TOW 2 targeting system that was used on the ODS Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The IBAS consists of a Second Generation Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), a day television camera, a TOW tracker, direct view optics, a dual target tracker, an eye safe laser range finder, and a dual axis stabilized head mirror assembly. These advancements improve the Bradley’s capability to defeat the heaviest armored vehicles and to destroy fortified fighting positions at safer distances than before.

The IBAS’ FLIR uses a Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly (SADA) II. The combination of BELRF (Bradley Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder) and dual target tracker improves the lethality of the Bradley and enhances the on-the-move performance of the 25 mm main gun.

IBAS Data Sheet

Discover how clearer vision can help improve a Bradley Fighting Vehicle's performance.

Download the data sheet

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