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Increasing Survivability, Weapon-Mounted or Handheld

The Leonardo DRS Individual Weapon Sight (IWS) is an advanced clip-on infrared weapon sight based on equipment developed by Leonardo DRS for the U.S. Army. The IWS combines rugged, lightweight, modular construction with superior thermal imaging technology to give today’s Warfighter the ability to shoot equally well in day or night and in smoke or fog, significantly increasing survivability and lethality margins on the battlefield.

At the center of the Leonardo DRS IWS is decades of experience in the uncooled infrared (IR) weapon systems field. Leonardo DRS uses a high sensitivity vanadium oxide (VOx) focal plane array (FPA). Unlike image intensifiers that require low levels of light to operate effectively, the IR FPA requires no visible light to operate and will not shut down or bloom when hit by direct light. Also, its use cannot be detected, since it operates silently and emits minimal heat and radio frequency (RF) energy.

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Individual Weapon Sights Data Sheet
Individual Weapon Sights (IWS)

The Individual Weapon Sights (IWS) are an advanced set of clip-on infrared weapon sights, based on Leonardo DRS’ field-proven 17 µm thermal sensor technology.

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