Test & Diagnostics

Field-Proven Solutions for Testing Military Platforms and Components

Ensuring a well-maintained fleet is a difficult task for military leaders. By utilizing Leonardo DRS test and diagnostics technologies, air and ground platform maintenance is streamlined.

Leonardo DRS has a proud history of providing leading edge rugged avionic systems for embedded applications such as datalinks and mission computing, as well as being a world leader in the design, development, and support of complex electronic warfare (EW), defensive aid systems (DAS), and complete end-to-end test systems.

Our factory and depot testers make sure ground combat vehicle components are fully functional and meet all performance and environmental requirements. Leonardo DRS is also an industry leader in the design and integration of embedded diagnostics for combat vehicle platforms. Our equipment provides continuous vehicle health checks and crew level condition status. These comprehensive capabilities create a seamless path to collecting and processing data on LRU and vehicle health.

Leonardo DRS’ on- and off-platform diagnostics tools bring advanced capabilities. With these tools, maintainers can repair components at the front lines and reduce their reliance on depots and OEMs. All of which reduces lifecycle support costs and frees up resources to focus on the tactical mission.

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