Electric & Hybrid Electric Ship Propulsion Systems

Efficient, power-dense, flexible solutions for advanced ship propulsion

Leonardo DRS motor and drive systems provide advantages in flexibility, modularity, and commonality – supporting requirements for growing power efficiency demands and lower emissions on future ships.

We provide solutions for integrated electric drive (IED) and hybrid electric drive (HED) ship propulsion systems. HED arrangements can be gear-mounted or shaft-mounted depending on the ship’s architecture.

Efficient Power

Our marine electric propulsion systems are constructed with permanent magnet (PM) technology that is extremely efficient and delivers remarkable power density, impressive durability, and easier maintainability when compared to induction or wound rotor synchronous machines. Any propulsion system that leverages electric drive will lower emissions. However, PM technology is uniquely suited to provide the maximum range of electric drive benefits for ship propulsion and power for ship systems.

Reducing risks

During replenishment at sea, the time spent alongside the re-fueling ship puts both ships at greater risk. HED propulsion systems reduce refueling requirements providing more time on station and less time at risk.

Benefits of Our E-Drive Technology

Machine Configuration Examples

Hybrid Electric Drive Gear or Shaft-Mounted Arrangements


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