TITAN On-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP)

Power Comes from Within

TITAN On-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP) vehicles can support a variety of military missions: Mobile Command Posts (MCP), Tactical Operation Centers (TOC), Combat Operations Center (COC), Company Tactical Command Post (TAC), or may be used to power a variety of emergency facilities such as field hospitals, triage units, fueling stations, or any other component requiring clean, reliable power.

The TITAN OBVP system has been designed, tested, and delivered to address the military’s increasing need for more electrical power to support missions. OBVP also reduces the logistical complexity by significantly reducing or eliminating the need for towed or tunnel generator requirements.

OBVP equipped vehicles greatly improve the operational adaptability of the advancing forces by providing mobile, expeditionary power when speed, range, agility, and flexibility are critical to mission success. Whether it’s providing power to a tactical security checkpoint in Afghanistan or emergency power to critical facilities such as medical care or fuel and food distribution centers in time of Humanitarian need, TITAN OBVP solutions provides power anywhere, anytime.