Navy & Marine HVAC Coils

Maintain Fully Supported and Fully Integrated Navy and Marine HVAC Systems

Navy and Marine HVAC CoilsNavy Coils

Leonardo DRS’ navy heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) coils are designed to comply with Navy specifications, are first article qualified, and in many cases are qualified provider listed (QPL). Our Navy HVAC coils are manufactured with proven performance, quality construction, and are fully supported with replacement parts and full integrated logistics support data.

Our short manufacturing lead times make our Navy HVAC coils readily available for new construction, as well as for overhauls and repairs.

  • Cooling Coils per MIL-C-2939
  • Gravity Cooling Coils per MIL-C-2939
  • Ventilation Heaters per MIL-H-16235
  • Gravity Finned Pipe Coils per MIL-R-16743

Marine Coils

All Leonardo DRS marine-quality water and steam coils feature continuous plate fins and a staggered tube arrangement to provide the best engineering balance between heat transfer, air flow resistance, strength, and maintenance.

Leonardo DRS’ marine HVAC coils are designed to comply with American Bureau of Shipping and United States Coast Guard regulations.

  • Sacrificial copper ferrules in coil tube sheets
  • ARI standard 410 rating
  • High efficiency plate type fin
  • Welded 304 SST frame
  • Copper fin and tube construction
  • Header and return end enclosures
  • Duct mounting holes
  • Integral condensate drain pan
  • Insulation and lagging

Made in the U.S.A.

Located southwest of St. Louis, High Ridge is home to the sprawling facility for the Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions product line.


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