Navy Refrigeration Equipment

Cool with a range of solutions from storerooms to condensing units to low temperature forced air product coolers.


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Leonardo DRS designs and manufactures a diverse array of ships stores refrigeration systems and components. From turnkey systems complete with refrigerated storerooms to condensing units and low temperature forced air product coolers. Equipment is qualified to applicable Navy specifications.

Refrigeration system components:

  • Condensing units
  • Forced air unit coolers (Product Cooler)
  • Defrost control panels
  • Refrigerated storerooms
  • Gauge and switches
  • Piping manifolds
  • Refrigerant: R12, R134a, R22, R404a, R407a and R410a


Maritime Capabilities
From Stem to Stern

Interact with six ship types and experience the breadth of DRS maritime capabilities for yourself.

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