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Maintain Fully Supported and Fully Integrated Marine HVAC Systems

Navy Air Handling Units (AHU)

Leonardo DRS’ Navy air handling units (AHU) are designed to comply with Navy specifications, are first article qualified, and in many cases are qualified provider listed. Our Navy AHUs are manufactured with proven performance and quality construction. They are fully supported with replacement parts and full integrated logistics support data. Our short manufacturing lead times make our AHUs readily available for new construction, as well as for overhauls and repairs. 

Navy AHU Models:

Self Contained Air Conditioners (SCAC) product

Self Contained Air Conditioners (SCAC)

SCAC is in line with our strong tradition of supplying proven, fully qualified, shock hardened HVAC equipment to the U.S. Navy’s fleet, and is currently fielded on the LCS program. MIL-A-1986

Fan Coil Assemblies (FCA) product

Fan Coil Assemblies (FCA)

HVAC FCA’s are designed for floor mounting, used in conjunction with a chilled water system, a drainage system, an air distribution system, and a power source for air conditioning. MIL-A-23798

Fan Coil Units (FCU) product

Fan Coil Units (FCU)

HVAC Fan Coil Units are used as an alternative to built-up air-conditioning recirculation systems of a ship’s HVAC system. MIL-A-24775.

Explosion Proof Fan Coil Units (FCU) product

Explosion Proof Fan Coil Units (FCU)

We offer Navy Standard Explosion Proof FCUs developed to replace the gravity cooling coils typically found in ships’ magazines and battery lockers. MIL-A-24775.

Modular Air Cooler (MAC) product

Modular Air Cooler (MAC)

The MAC offers a proven solution to a growing problem with the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz class aircraft carrier’s HVAC system. MIL-C-2939.

Electronic Modular Enclosure (EME) product

Electronic Modular Enclosure (EME)

We offer two unique FCAs designed to provide cooled and dehumidified air to shipboard electronics spaces.

Unit Heaters (UH) product

Unit Heaters (UH)

Unit Heaters are designed for overhead mounting. The units consist of a fan and motor, steam/hot water heating coil, fan guard, and directional louvers built as a single unit. MIL-U-17293.

Unit Coolers, Water (UW) product

Unit Coolers, Water (UW)

Unit Coolers consist of a vane axial fan and motor, a DW type duct cooling coil, with air filters and directional louvers built as a single unit for overhead mounting; MIL-C-2939.

Marine Air Handling Units (AHU)

Leonardo DRS is a leading designer and manufacturer of marine-grade air handling units. These AHUs are specifically designed for the marine environment and have a proven track record of performance.

All Leonardo DRS marine grade AHUs utilize quality water and steam coils featuring continuous plate fins and a staggered tube arrangement to provide the best engineering balance between heat transfer, air flow resistance, strength, and maintenance. Leonardo DRS’ marine AHUs are designed to comply with American Bureau of Shipping and United States Coast Guard regulations.

Standard Construction:

  • 16 GA galvanized steel cabinet
  • IEEE45 electric motor
  • Double sheeted access doors
  • Tongue and groove panel construction
  • Pitched, dual drain, stainless steel drain pans
  • Belt driven fans
  • Internally isolated fans/motors
Self Contained Air Conditioners (SCAC) product

Marine AHU Models:

Refrigeration Plant

Refrigeration Plant product

Product Cooler Unit

Product Cooler Unit

Marine HVAC Catalog

From U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers to Military Sealift Command ships, Leonardo DRS HVAC & refrigeration systems provide conditioned air for sailors, food, equipment and machinery.

Made in the U.S.A.

Located southwest of St. Louis, High Ridge is home to the sprawling facility for the Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions product line, part of the Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems operating group.


Navy Air Handling Unit:

  • Sealed insulation system motors
  • Commercial marine components
  • Non-magnetic construction
  • Noise testing
Marine Grade Air Handling Unit:

  • Electric controls and motor starters
  • Piping and controls
  • Double-wall construction
  • Sound attenuation
  • Humidifiers
  • High pressure construction


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