2024 American Red Cross Campaign Wrap-Up

March 14, 2024

Leonardo DRS Blood Drive and MapSwipe Results

We appreciate everyone’s contribution to these lifesaving Red Cross efforts. Your support has truly made a difference.

Blood Drive Results

In response to the urgent call from the American Red Cross for blood donations, Leonardo DRS proudly hosted our Second Annual American Red Cross SleevesUp Blood Drive from January 22 to February 22.

This initiative aimed to address a critical blood shortage, ensuring timely medical procedures. Here are the results: Total of 184 blood donations across Leonardo DRS.

MapSwipe Results

Leonardo DRS employees actively participated in our 2nd MapSwipe virtual volunteer event on Thursday, February 29th.

  • Total MapSwipes: 14,669
  • Total Contributors: 33
  • Total Time Spent Swiping: 16 hours 27 minutes
  • Total Area Swiped (sq miles): 72 miles

MapSwipe, a valuable tool co-founded by the Red Cross, allows remote volunteers to validate mapping data crucial for humanitarian operations. By confirming the accuracy of building locations and identifying areas needing updates, our team directly supports relief efforts worldwide.

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