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Land Electronics

Systems Engineering Center of Excellence

Huntsville, AL facility

The Leonardo DRS Land Electronics line of business provides advanced components and systems to address critical gaps and needs in platform and network capabilities, as well as field and sustainment level diagnostic tools.

Our newly constructed 131,500-square foot facility, located in the heart of aerospace & defense technology-rich Huntsville Alabama, includes a 24,000-square foot vehicle integration building and stands ready to serve.

We are capable of designing, developing, and implementing sophisticated electrical, electromechanical and electronic systems, subsystems, and assemblies for both Department of Defense and commercial industry applications.

Capabilities at This Locations

When towed generators are not the best power-needs solution, TITAN OBVP provides commanders with flexibility and agility …

Leonardo DRS has a proud history of providing leading edge rugged systems for embedded applications such as datalinks and …

Embedded Diagnostics service

Leonardo DRS is an industry leader in embedded diagnostics, factory and depot testers, and off-/on-platform test and …

Both the MSD-V4 Rugged and Semi-Rugged systems are part of the Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) and the Army&#…

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