Our Agility is Bridging an Army Modernization Gap

January 4, 2024

Leonardo DRS is known as an agile and high-tech defense company.  Agility is built into everything we do and is at the heart of being a trusted partner with our customers across the Armed Services.

When the company was tasked by the U.S. Army to develop, integrate, and deliver an updated survivable, deployable and sustainable heavy-assault-bridging capability, our agility played a key role in answering the call.

As a high-tech company steeped in advanced integration capabilities, our team of engineers set a plan that unleased their agility to bring a critical need to reality at a fast pace. 

The innovation DRS is known for is built around decisions making by experts and unincumbered by layers of bureaucracy that can slow process and stifle creative thinking.  Together with that talent and advanced sensing technologies built into the JAB, these platforms are modernizing and supporting the U.S. Army’s Mobility Augmentation Companies and Brigade Engineer Battalions that support Armored Brigade Combat Teams.

“DRS is proud to be providing our customer with a robust, reliable system with advanced vision, rapid assault launch and retrieve capability, as well as superior mobility,” said Aaron Hankins, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Land Systems business unit.  “As a trusted partner to the U.S. Army, our team of dedicated professionals has worked closely with our customer to design and build a high-quality product that will enable our warfighters to successfully accomplish critical assault bridging missions.”

The DRS JAB system is a significant upgrade to its predecessor with advanced sensors systems for the driver and commander.  It provides gap-crossing capability to cross wet or dry gaps, and freedom of maneuver on the battlefield to keep pace with Abrams Heavy Brigade Combat Team operations. The platform is built around an M1A1 Abrams tank hull with heavy (M1A2) suspension integrated with a hydraulic bridge launcher system to deploy the existing Military Load Class 115 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge.

The U.S. Army has ordered a total of 169 new JAB systems to date.

We understand our customers are the brave men and women of the Armed Services, and our commitment to protecting them from our nation’s enemies is unwavering.  DRS remains agile and responsive to meet our customers’ requirements, and JAB is one of several examples of that agility and responsiveness. 

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