M1200 Armored Knight

The Battlefield-Proven Knight Targeting System, Under Armor

The Armored Knight evolved from the need to provide enhanced protection to soldiers who perform the targeting mission in a high-threat environment. This latest application of the Knight targeting package-on a more survivable platform-highlights the versatility of the design.

The Knight is a precision targeting system consisting of a laser designator/range finder, day/night electro-optic sensor, digital command and control, blended inertial/global positioning system navigation and targeting, and a self-defense weapon. Its mission is to provide precision far-target location and laser target designation for both artillery and air-delivered general purpose and precision-guided munitions.

The Knight system possesses the targeting accuracy required by today’s precision-guided “smart” munitions, such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition and Excalibur.


  • Precision targeting solution
  • Full armor protection
  • Platform- and sensor-independent
  • Mission equipment package commonality with Bradley Fire Support Vehicle Mission Equipment Package (M7 BFIST), M707 Knight, and Stryker Fire Support Vehicle

VERSATILITY: The Knight system was designed from the outset to be both platform- and sensor-independent. The next generation M1200 Armored Knight integrates the base Knight targeting and communications package, in addition to providing improved ballistic protection to the crew. The system employs the Fire Support Sensor System (FS3) and the Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder on the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle.

PRECISION: Knight is the only system in serial production today with targeting accuracy equivalent to the delivery accuracies of today’s precision-guided munitions, such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition and Excalibur. Knight’s position/navigation subsystem combines inputs from a laser rangefinder, inertial navigation unit, global positioning system (GPS) receiver and a vehicle motion sensor to provide precise self-location, navigation, and far-target location data. This data is then automatically formatted within the fire support tactical data system for immediate digital transmission as a call-for-fire or other message. Position and targeting data can also be incorporated into other battlefield command and control systems as necessary.


Chris Fowler

Land Systems

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