Targeting Under Armor (TUA)

Stabilized. On The Move. On Any Platform.

Leonardo DRS fully developed and tested stabilized mounting kit for Long-Range Advance Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3) sensor (Targeting Under Armor) through the US Army’s Armored Knight program. The TUAs mission is to provide precision far-target location and laser target designation for both artillery and precision-guided munitions to achieve first-shot target lethality.

TUA kit can be provided GFE through Armored Knight to JLTV program to field initial LRV capability at low cost / risk. TUA kit will provide US Army Scouts with significant leaps in capability.

  • Stabilized LRAS3 increases Precision of surveillance; Provides robust on-the-move capabilities, and Scouts with increased force protection by removing them from open turret hatch
  • Networked LRAS3 enables population of all targets on JBC-P, slewing from LRAS3 to CROWS II, and slewing from LRAS3 to wingman’s LRAS3

Leonardo DRS designed TUA kit with open architecture that will allow incremental capability:

  • Modular gimbal to accommodate future sensor capabilities (3rd GEN FLIR; Shortwave FLIR; Sensors for Urban Environment)
  • Counter-Unmanned Aerials Systems, Ground Surveillance Radar, and Elevated Sensing Capacity

Operational Description:

  • Cavalry Scouts, especially in Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCT), require improved sensors and enhanced mobility, lethality, and survivability.
  • Existing platform program of record is the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV); integrating improved technologies to create the Recon Variant (RV).
  • JLTV RV will likely serve as the Light Recon Vehicle (LRV) for the foreseeable future.
  • Leonardo DRS has MEPs for greater lethality and improved situational awareness and targeting.


Chris Fowler

Land Systems

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