Next-Gen Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (nMHR)

A Cutting-Edge, Ground-Based, Multi-Mission Radar

The nMHR is a cutting-edge software-defined, multi-mission, 4D AESA pulse-Doppler radar platform for a variety of operational missions. This multi-mission radar utilizes advanced technology such as wideband operation, direct RF sampling, digital beam forming, and planar T/R architecture while delivering high-resolution search and fire control. The nMHR offers superior SWaP-C and On-The-Move capabilities for the maneuver force, providing best-of-breed radar sensor technology to improve situational awareness while on the battlefield.

Next-Gen Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar
Key Features
  • Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) antenna with Wide Band Operation
  • Innovative GAN switching technology
  • Extremely high doppler resolution that provides fast, accurate threat detection and classification
  • Software-defined, digital using high and multiple processing
  • Adaptive beam forming
  • Enhanced fast volume scan coverage, full Hemispheric (360°) search & track with four radars
  • Wide range of threat velocities
  • Extended coexistence capability
  • Significant multipath reduction
  • Fire control tracking accuracy
  • Extended Electronic Counter Countermeasures (ECCM) capabilities
Main Advantages
  • Superior performances against low signature targets to provide fire control accuracy
  • Multi-Mission – “one radar does it all”
  • Easily integrates with all kinds of Hard and Soft kill systems
  • Automated operation through advanced signal processing and algorithms
  • Complete Dynamic Air Situational Picture (ASP) while mounted on a tactical vehicle or vessel
  • Handles hundreds of targets through Track While Search (TWS) and Revisit modes
  • In-depth 4D analysis of Doppler and other target features
  • Unmatched SWaP-C superiority