SI-9150 Polaris VHF/UHF Multichannel Wideband Tuner

1 to 5 Channels, 2 MHz - 6.2 GHz Frequency Range, 40 or 85 MHz Bandwidth Tuner

The Polaris tuner family builds on a 50-year legacy of continuous innovation in the design of state-of-theart HF/VHF/UHF tuners and receivers. Polaris’ high performance and small form factor set it apart from other RF front ends in the industry. Polaris’ low cost per channel and powerful features open the door for its use in a range of military and commercial applications. 

With a frequency coverage of 2 MHz to 6.2 GHz, Polaris can intercept a wide range of signals of interest and provide a wide bandpass from each of its channels. Polaris is available as an analog or digital tuner with up to four channels. The Polaris digital tuner is also available as a five-channel unit. Each of its wideband channels can operate independently or phase-coherently providing a unique ability to tailor this sensor to a wide range of missions. 

Polaris tuners are well-suited for commercial applications such as identification and geo-location of RF interference. Polaris possesses capabilities that are both critical to the development of emerging commercial cognitive radio networks and paramount to spectrum monitoring, signals intelligence, direction finding and beam forming applications.

Weighing no more than 4.3 pounds and as little as 0.5 pounds, Polaris easily fits in the palm of your hand. Polaris tuners are easily the smallest in their class of signal intelligence collection tuners. They consume little power, and their rugged mechanical design allow optimal performance in harsh environments and over a wide temperature range.


As a front-end tuner to a system, Polaris can optimize the wireless spectrum to its fullest potential and adaptively juggle a wide range of signals with minimal interference.

  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) - direction finding & beam forming
  • Surveillance receiver
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Threat warning
  • RF interference detection, identification, geolocation
  • Test and measurement of radio frequencies
  • Wideband spectral sensing
  • Commercial spectrum compliance
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Enabling technology for cognitive radio systems
  • Tracking of resources via emitter signatures
SI-9150 Polaris Wideband Tuners
Polaris is designed to outshine and go anywhere.

With its dual-use technology, Polaris helps close existing gaps in current capabilities in order to mitigate emerging threats within RF communications.

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