Johnstown, PA

Johnstown, PA

Naval Electronics

Display, Processing, and Networking Center of Excellence

Johnstown, PA, is home to our 203,000-square foot Display, Processing, and Networking Center of Excellence where we offer leading edge manufacturing capabilities. We have fully updated facility specifications that allow our team to provide low cost, high quality production with a lean management team supporting on-time deliveries every time. Services on site include systems integration, assembly, and test. Our reliable and efficient production process has allowed us to honorably support several major Naval programs.


Our Capabilities

  • COTS ruggedization and integration capability producing 1,000+ display consoles and processing and network equipment racks annually
  • 203,000 sq. ft. of flexible reconfigurable Production, Test, and Inspection space with a customer focused management team supporting on-time product delivery
  • The test capabilities include test stations with shipboard power for testing up to 72 systems simultaneously including 48 stations with water cooling capability
  • ESS temperature chambers and vibration tables for production screening
  • The Material Management Center provides flexible space for material receipt/inspection, kitting, and government property management and storage
  • Weapons Spec level Circuit Card and Surface Mount Technology Assembly

Our Weapons Spec Qualified Circuit Card Assembly lines minimize product variability and ensure quality performance. Process automation used in Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) includes:

  • MPM Momentum Stencil Printer
  • 3D IN-LINE Solder Paste Inspection
  • ERSA Fully Automated Selective Solder
  • Dual Universal Surface Mount Lines
  • BTU 16 zone SMT Reflow Oven
  • SpeedLine Wave Solder Reflow
  • CyberoOptics SQ3000 Automated Optical Inspection
  • Nordson Dage X-Ray capability for ball grid array, leadless chip component and plated-thru hole inspection
  • Robotas Laser Guided Hand Assembly



The Johnstown 203,000 sq-ft Facilities are fully updated to provide production that includes:

  • Integrated Facility Switchboard (IFS) to support Shipboard Power requirements for 440, 220, 115 3 Phase and 115 Single Phase Delta Power
  • 63,000 sq ft of flexible, reconfigurable production and test space
  • ESS capability including temperature chambers and vibration tables including a walk-in temperature chamber
  • Facilitized space and assembly equipment currently supporting production of 1,000+ consoles and equipment racks annually



NE Johnstown is a low cost, high quality production center with a lean management team supporting on-time deliveries.

  • Facility supports the production of 1,000+ large systems annually (display consoles, processing equipment racks, network equipment racks)
  • Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) line producing 20,000+ CCAs annually
  • Johnstown facility is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C Certified
  • Production and quality team members are J-STD-001, IPC-610 and IPC-620 certified
  • Certified J-STD-001 Trainer on-site
  • DCMA team on-site


Key Programs

We are a trusted production facility for the following key programs:

  • Technology Insertion Hardware (TIH) – Subsurface display, processing, and network equipment for sonar and combat control systems - ~ 10 shipsets per year (200 consoles and equipment racks)
  • Common Display System (CDS) – Display consoles and peripherals for surface ship combat systems - ~ 300 consoles per year
  • Common Processing System (CPS) – Processing and network equipment for surface ship combat systems - ~ 120 equipment racks per year
  • Common Afloat Network Enterprise System (CANES) – Network and communications equipment for surface and subsurface Naval platforms ~ 400 equipment racks per year
  • MK 41 Vertical Launch System Weapons Electronic Assemblies with Spec level SMT Circuit Card Assembly, Test and Conformal Coat