Complex Electronics Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration & Testing

The Leonardo DRS Naval Electronics business unit is the largest and most successful complex manufacturing supplier to the U.S. Navy, providing engineering, assembly & testing, logistics, and depot support in addition to our manufacturing services.

We have over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing and test space across eight locations. All of our naval electronics manufacturing facilities are low-cost, high-quality production centers with a lean management and engineering teams providing on-time deliveries.

There is over 403K Sq-ft of flexible space dedicated to the management, production, and repair of electronic equipment. The Leonardo DRS facilities are designed to be reconfigurable to allow flexibility in layout for production orders. These facilities are segregated into lean work cells designed to produce specific product types, supporting each step of the production process. Furthermore, industrial engineers configure work cells to create efficient product flow and minimize product handling and movement.


As far as manufacturing goes, there is a wide range of facility space.

complex electronics cabinet
  • 160K sq-ft of manufacturing space capable of supporting 1000+ cabinets per year
  • A 30’ high bay production space with handling equipment capable of supporting up to 15 tons.
  • RF Electronics assembly, integration and Testing (Radars, EW Systems, Comms)
    • Experience with equipment that operates in L, S, C, X, K, Ka and Ku Radar Bands
  • Cabinets, consoles and displays can support both water-and air-cooled systems.

Integrated manufacturing software like Costpoint ERP, Omnify, and Solumina Systems, drives business activities such as:

  • Material management and procurement
  • Supplier management
  • Production order scheduling
  • Bill of material and change of management
  • Resource management
  • Project performance

When it comes to naval electronics testing:

Leonardo DRS has a breadth of capabilities, all supporting ground, air, and sea profiles. Our circuit cards have full through hole capabilities, as well as wave and selective solder machines. In addition, two full surface-mount technology (SMT) production lines support up to ball grid array (BGA) installation and repair.

  • Nine Thermal Chambers, including an 8’x8’x6’ Walk-in Chamber
  • Seven vibration tables
  • Outdoor test range including a 40’ tower with calibrated optical delay line
  • A Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) and 103K square feet of space for the material management activities, plus nine vertical storage units
  • Radar and sensing test equipment
  • Orbit FR 959 software for our anechoic chamber
  • A full complement of test equipment, incorporating network/signal analyzers and signal generators
  • Circuit Cards
  • Numerous custom designed and fabricated test fixtures
  • Two Teradyne test units

Our strategic sourcing leverages requirements and provides opportunities across all Naval Electronics line of business (LOB) areas. Plus, our proven track record of performance enables growth and the integrated logistics support team creates and updates product documentation, such as drawings and technical manuals.

Leonardo DRS is committed to world-class performance and becoming the customer’s natural choice by complying with all customer, statutory and regulatory requirements; supporting and recognizing the contribution and value of all team associates; advancing customer satisfaction; and operational excellence through a culture of continuous improvement.

Centers of Excellence

Display Processing and Networking Center of Excellence

Johnstown, PA

The Leonardo DRS facility in Johnstown, PA is a low-cost, high-quality production center with a lean management team supporting on-time deliveries. This facility supports the ruggedization and integration of large systems such as display consoles, processing equipment racks, and network equipment racks. Leonardo DRS also specializes in Circuit Card and Surface Mount Technology Assembly.

Leonardo DRS Johnstown PA office building

Sensors Center of Excellence

Largo, FL

The Leonardo DRS facility in Largo, FL is fully updated to provide top-notch production. This facility has 163,000 sq. ft. of flexible reconfigurable Production, Test, Inspection and Stockroom space and a customer focused management team supporting Radar, Antenna, Sense, and Power Systems business.

Canadian Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Ottawa, Ontario

The Leonardo DRS facility in Ottawa manufactures and supports a broad range of military communications, electro-optics, surveillance, and sensor signal processing systems for naval and ground applications – as well as electronic warfare threat simulation and training systems ranging from computer-based training to high-power threat simulators.

Leonardo DRS Ottawa, Ontario office building

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Leonardo DRS Naval Electronics line of business designs and manufactures full MIL-SPEC qualified power conversion and distribution equipment including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioners, rectifiers, power converters, and battery chargers for military shipboard, vehicle, and air force applications. Leonardo DRS also provides engineering design, testing, and complex electronics manufacturing services for electrical power systems and components.

Halifax, Nova Scotia location


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