MSD V4 Overview

Maintenance Support Device (MSD) V4Maintenance Support Device Version 4 (MSD V4) incorporates a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) as part of a comprehensive Embedded Security architecture based on advanced Trusted Computing Technologies. The Hardware Root of Trust built by the MSD Embedded Hardware Security subsystem provides a unique and advanced foundation for Cybersecurity threat protection.

Both the MSD-V4 Rugged and Semi-Rugged systems are part of the Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) and the Army’s sixth generation at-platform multipurpose standard Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). MSD V4 systems will be used throughout all levels of maintenance as the Army’s standard general purpose At-Platform Automatic Test System (APATS) to test and diagnose highly complex communications, other electronic commodity equipment, missiles, aircraft, and ground vehicles and to identify failed Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).

Technology Roadmap
All MSD V4 computers reside on an evolving Technology Roadmap. Dell is committed to developing next generation computing systems to equip MSD operators with the latest technologies. New computers with advanced processors and expanded memory can be introduced as they become available; and will be backwards compatible with fielded systems.  MSD operators will be securely networked and have access to maintenance and logistics information enterprises from unit to Depot to Services level. MSD V4 is a next generation leap with COTS technologies that ensure MSD operators have the very best.


MSD V4 Cyber Security

Both MSD V4 Rugged and Semi-Rugged systems are equipped with TPM 2.0 to provide an advanced cyber solution to ensure data integrity and security across military networks

Information Enterprise

MSD V4 on-platform and at-platform capabilities in the maintenance and information enterprise

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MSD V4 Accessories

Standard and optional accessories for the MSD V4 Rugged, MSD V4 Semi-Rugged, and transit case

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MSD V4 Rugged System

  • Maintenance Support Device (MSD) V4The MSD V4 Rugged system is built around the latest portable, lightweight, exceptionally rugged Dell 7214.
  • The daylight readable 7214 is the most rugged and durable of the three MSD variants.
  • MSD V4 Rugged is designed for the edge where Soldiers and Marines conduct daily maintenance checks and services without any additional organizational support.

MSD V4 Semi-Rugged system

  • Maintenance Support Device (MSD) V4The MSD V4 Semi-Rugged system is built around the latest portable, lightweight, and rugged Dell 5414.
  • The daylight readable 5414 is the largest screen at 14.1 of the three MSD variants.
  • MSD V4 Semi-Rugged is designed for Soldiers and Marines in support units conducting Level 1 repairs and services.