Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR)

Family of Software Defined Radar Systems

Leonardo DRS’ Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) family provides advanced force and border protection solutions. Based on a true AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) antenna the MHR can be integrated with any C4I system and other radars/sensors using its standard Ethernet interfaces, and can operate  stand-alone or as part of a large-scale surveillance system. It can be mobile or positioned at stationary sites. The MHR’s exceptional real-time configurability provides a wide range of capabilities:

  • Real-time control of scanning modes
  • “Spotlight” examination of specific tracks while scanning is continued
  • Operator-control or remote-control of radar operation modes
  • Management of hundreds of simultaneous tracks

Variations of mission configuration and capability are provided by software defined changes only. No hardware changes are required. The three mission capabilities are
outlined below.

Detects, tracks, classifies and locates direct and elevated threats which are fired at stationary or mobile forces. It computes the Point-Of-Origin (POO) and Point-Of-Impact (POI) of the threats. The system utilizes three modes for trajectory detection and tracking:

  • Hemisphere Search, providing hemispheric detection and tracking at a radius of up to 5 km
  • Sector Search, extending trajectory tracking ranges up to 10 km
  • Horizontal Search, providing search and track of direct and near-direct threats

Is the ultimate volume surveillance radar for current and future Very-Short-Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) solutions. It is optimized to detect, classify and track all types of aerial objects.

Provides Comprehensive Border Protection through the detection, classification and tracking of aerial and surface intruders.

MHR Data sheet
Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR)

Leonardo DRS’ MHR family of software defined radar systems provides advanced force and border protection solutions.

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