AN/APN-243 Stationkeeping Equipment 2000


Allow up to 36 aircraft on 4 different frequency channels to fly instrumented formation in zero visibility.

With the help of the AN/APN-243, aircraft can operate within a 10 nm radius of a selected participating master system on the same frequency, allowing for close contact between aircraft. The system is also designed for easy, accessible upgrade, with reduced weight, size and cost.

The AN/APN-243 upgrades earlier versions of SKE or fully integrates with new or existing mission computers and flight management systems, maintaining complete interoperability with more than 800 installed systems of Air Forces worldwide.  SKE-200 Functions Include:

  • RF measurements of range and bearing
  • Data link attitude, altitude and intention
  • Deterministic, non-contention based multiple access network
  • Situational Awareness of all formation aircraft
  • Proximity warning
  • Leader following
  • Corroboration of critical measurements


  • Rugged avionics system
  • Self-contained RF and processing
  • Qualified and in production for C-130J
  • Four RF channels on 3.3 GHz to 3.6 GHz
  • Up to 30 aircraft per channel
  • GPS independent
  • Cooperative system with assigned master and selectable flight leader aircraft
  • Max range: 10 nm to master – 20 nm formations
  • Software developed to DO-178B Level A
  • Mil-Std-1553B remote terminal
  • Interoperable with AN/APN-169C
AN/APN-243 Stationkeeping Equipment 2000


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