Common Multi-Platform Boresighting System (CBMS)

Common Multi-Platform Boresighting System (CBMS)

The CMBS leverages more than 20 years of Leonardo DRS boresight experience.

The joint service, Common Multi-Platform Boresight System (CMBS) is a laser-based boresighting system, used to align mission sub-systems, including guns, radar, navigation and sighting systems, on a number of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. CMBS combines five elements that are critical to a truly universal boresight system: accuracy, speed, ruggedness, versatility and low life-cycle cost.

The CMBS can be tailored to boresight virtually any aircraft, as well as most naval vessels, ground vehicles and radar systems. It is compatible with all existing aircraft and requires no platform modifications.


  • Reduces depot-level calibration requirements. Field recalibration extends depot calibration to 24 months from first use.
  • Reduces inventory. The modular COTS CMBS components are interchangeable between platforms.
  • Reduces training requirements. Embedded platform specific technical manuals provide operator with step-by-step instructions.
  • Low development risk. The CMBS is combat proven and the TMS is a mature technology available now.
  • No aircraft modification requirements. The CMBS is compatible with all existing aircraft.
  • Increases combat potential and flexibility. Significantly reduces mobility and manpower requirements.


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