Custom Drives & Controls for Naval Applications

Leonardo DRS is uniquely capable of solving the most challenging programmatic and technical issues to deliver quality products that meet customer requirements on schedule while meeting all invoked MIL-SPECs.

We offer a product line of drive controllers for rotary/linear actuators and drives for AC permanent magnet motors (PMMs) or DC motors.

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controller cabinets are energy efficient with multiplexing commonality to reduce manning, maintenance and obsolescence. Leonardo DRS offers a broad spectrum of products which includes custom solutions based on package and specification compliance with military and industry standard specifications. In addition, we offer an integrated solution utilizing both custom and commercial components.

The drive controllers are developed for severe environment applications, including (MIL-STD-1399, 461, and IEEE 519). Leonardo DRS Variable Frequency Drives are the natural choice for the critical applications specified for the U.S. Navy and other Military applications.

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