Circuit Breakers


Delivering Survivable Power Where Navy Combatants Need It

Leonardo DRS designs and manufactures MV and LV hardened circuit breakers for both Leonardo DRS-designed and customer-designed switchboards and loadcenters, which are typically mil-spec rated. The components can also be QPL-tested.

These trusted, affordable circuit breakers are included on LHA 6, LHA 8, LCS, FORD-class and T-AKE surface ships. They will also be installed on newer LPDs and DDG 51 FLT III ships.

Leonardo DRS meets all affordability and technical refresh needs throughout the product lifecycle.

Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

Fielded in the latest U.S. Navy combatants, the MILDTL-17587 qualified air circuit breakers are designed to withstand rugged maritime conditions for the life of the ship. The ACB-3220 is the most power dense, low voltage Air Circuit Breaker qualified to MIL-DTL-17587. Navy Type ACB-2020 is an 800-2000A low voltage Air Circuit Breaker using the latest in electronic trip unit technology. These circuit breakers are based on a COTS breaker Leonardo DRS militarized to provide a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution.

Whether for new shipbuilding or modernization programs Leonardo DRS’ ACB-3220 and ACB-2020 are ideal for integrated control, condition based maintenance, power monitoring, and interfacing with ship network communications. The built-in electronic trip unit can be remotely accessed for diagnostics, breaker status, ampere, voltage and power monitoring.

Controls and indicators are functionally grouped on the breaker faceplate to optimize the human interface, visibility, and ease of use. For maximum safety, a modern, through-the-door design permits access to the breaker levering system, trip unit, controls and indicators with the door closed.


  • ACB-3220, ACB-2020Electric trip unit with long, short and instantaneous trip curve settings
  • 24 character LED display for status
  • System diagnostics:
    • Cause of trip
    • Trip log
    • Waveform capture
    • Remote signal contacts
    • Programmable contacts
    • Electronic operations counter

Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB)

As electric drive ships and power hungry weapon systems are fielded, 5kV and 15kV generation and distribution systems become natural stepping stones. To minimize the risk, Leonardo DRS developed our 5kV and 15kV 1600A medium voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB). These circuit breakers are based on COTS breakers that Leonardo DRS militarized to provide a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution. Used on the latest U.S. Navy ships for power distribution, the military hardened VCB is designed to withstand rugged Navy combatant conditions for the life of the ship.

The Vacuum Interrupter design significantly reduces breaker size and weight as arc chutes are not needed. Maintenance is reduced since no contact adjustments are required, only a periodic check of the integral wear indicator is needed. The VCB is drawout (removable) for ease of inspection and replacement. 

From power distribution and electrical control products to ship control automation, Leonardo DRS offers advanced product development, world-class manufacturing and global engineering services and support. That is why our products are found on all U. S. Navy combatants since WWII.


  • 5kV and 15kVMaintenance free vacuum interrupter
  • Trip free operation
  • Interlocks for proper and safe operation
  • Built-in contact erosion indicator
  • Operations counter
  • Mechanical position indicator
  • Closing springs charged indicator
  • Mechanical and electric open and close capability

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