Fort Walton Beach, FL


Airborne & Intelligence Systems

Air Combat Training, Mission & Program Support Center of Excellence

Leonardo DRS’ Airborne & Intelligence Systems line of business occupies a campus in Fort Walton Beach, Florida that is home to the following product lines:

  • Advanced Programs Support (APS)
  • Air Combat (AC)
  • Mission Systems (MS)

Over 300 employees and four buildings make up the campus totaling over 175,000 square feet of administrative, engineering, product development, and manufacturing capabilities. The facility is Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008, and Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100C certified. 

Depot Support

For Depot Support, please contact the following Leonardo DRS team members:

Brian Bissell
Senior Program Manager

+1 850 302 3052

Lucretia Brown
Sr. Program Administrator, 
Sustainment Programs and Services

+1 850 302 2309
Fax +1 850 302 3095

Mark D. Seeling
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

+1 850 302 3417
Fax: +1 850 302 3095

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Products & Services

ADACS function diagram

Advanced Data Acquisition and Control System (ADACS)

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Dual Tube TOW Missile Launcher (TML)

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aircraft diagram

AN/APN-243 Stationkeeping Equipment 2000 (SKE-2000)

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Boresight System CMBS

Common Multi-Platform Boresight System (CMBS)

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Video Recording and Mapping System VRAMS

Video Recording and Mapping System (VRAMS)

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Updated Solid State Recorder (USSR)

Aircraft Mission Recorder

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aircraft parts

Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation Systems

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interior of onboard cargo handling

Cargo Handling & Aerial Delivery Systems

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Advanced Program Support Team

Advanced Program Support

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Mission Support

Airborne & Maritime Mission Support

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Data Center Protection System

Data Center Protection System

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Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS)

Fifth-generation air combat training systems (ACTS) and electronic warfare (EW) threat simulators that prepare combat-ready pilots for real-world conflict through live, virtual and constructive (LVC)

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