Chesapeake, VA

Depot Repairs Center of Excellence

Located in the Hampton Roads area, the Chesapeake facility provides quality Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Life Cycle Support / Planning Capabilities to other industry partners and military agencies (domestic and foreign). Conveniently located near Virginia military installations the 29,000-square foot facility also provides product and performance-based logistics support.

Our Capabilities

Field Service

The Field Services Team is focused on rapid response to support DRS products and our customer’s equipment sustainment requirements.

Our installation capabilities include equipment assessment, rip-out, installation, repair, integration, and test for extended periods of time at shipyards, on piers, and aboard ships any place in the world.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Our Integrated Logistics Support team creates and updates product documentation, such as drawings, technical manuals, and training packages based design changes and input from various lifecycle and product sustainment analyses.

Our Integrated Logistics Support team conducts training analyses to create instructional courseware support our customer’s unique training requirements. DRS delivers training programs through instructor-led training, Interactive Multimedia Instruction, and web-based training to support mission readiness.

Lifecycle Sustainment

The close integration of our engineering, ILS, and field services teams allows DRS to better manage the full lifecycle for our products and our customer’s equipment. From concept development, through design, and into production, we support delivery of highly complex electronic equipment. This team’s tight coupling and engagement then allows us to support all technical aspects required to upgrade, modify, maintain, and install this equipment during its entire lifecycle.