Maritime Field Services & Support

A Leader in COTS Technology Installation and Integration

Leonardo DRS is a leader in the installation and integration of COTS technology for U.S. Navy and FMS programs. We maintain all the development, testing, and support resources required for a successful sustainment program.

Field Services


Installation – Once approved for fielding, Leonardo DRS provides the required installation and integration field services to implement the equipment/system changes. Our installation support team has a unique understanding of permanent configuration change implementation to ships and ship systems; we develop, submit and track all Ship Change Documents to record system and equipment updates including alterations, modifications, field changes and replacements.

Field Engineers – Leonardo DRS’ engineers have performed maritime field support services for the navies of Japan, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Egypt, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. Our seasoned field engineers perform a wide range of functions including: training equipment operators and maintainers, conducting equipment level testing, system interface testing, material condition assessment, fault isolation, and failure analysis & repair.

Equipment Supported – Equipment we support includes the following major systems:

  • OJ-172 Data Exchange Auxiliary Console
  • AN/UYK-7, -20, -43, and -44 Computers
  • RD-358/359A Tape Transports
  • AN/UYH-3 Magnetic Disk Set
  • AN/UYA-4 Data Display Group
  • AN/UYQ-21 Tactical Displays
  • AN/UYQ-70(V) Advanced Display System
  • AN/USQ-69(V) Data Terminal Set
  • Surface Search Radars, Common Display System (CDS), Common Processing System (CPS), Integrated Voice Communication System (IVCS), Secure Voice System (SVS), Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services (CANES), Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), and other combat systems.

Proven Performance – Leonardo DRS has also provided maritime field engineering support at program milestones such as Builder’s Dock Trials, Builder’s At-Sea Trials, and Preliminary Acceptance Trials for all equipment installed by Leonardo DRS. Specifically, Leonardo DRS has provided field engineering support for the ex-Kidd class reactivation trials for Taiwan, and most recently provided technical support for the USS Makin Island (LHD 8) at sea builder’s trials for Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division. Our successful past performance in all aspects provide a low risk, best value support solution for your Engineering Change support program package.

Naval Shipboard Installation Support

With a 36-year legacy of successful completion of electronic Alteration Installation Teams (AITs), Leonardo DRS’ Naval Electronics line of business is an industry leader in equipment installation, particularly Naval Shipboard installations.

Our project managers are skilled in organizing and executing shipboard installations within strict scheduling parameters and within budget, while performing work technically superior to any other contractor. We understand the Statement of Work and task order requirements, including the drawings required, the unique platform, and local location requirements. Each location has different security, OSHA, HAZMAT, and EPA training requirements. In addition, Leonardo DRS understands the unique procedures of each location and the need to report with the proper certification cards in hand. Finally, Leonardo DRS has experience with local procedures for task close-out, proper house cleaning at the end of a task, and acquiring final ship signature for task completion.

Our large-scale design, integration, and installation efforts include C4I SCN Platforms, 32 Submarines, and 50 Shore facilities. Our processes align with the required methodology and procedures of Naval Sea Systems Command Technical Specification 9090-310F and follow the Navy Modernization Process Management Operations Manual (NMP-MOM) and Shore Installation processes.

Test & Evaluation

Depot Repairs for Naval ElectronicsMarine Equipment T&E Services

Test and Evaluation (T&E) is an integral part of our design and system engineering process.

Leonardo DRS provides T&E support for several programs, such as SSDS and VRAMS and has been an integral part of the successful growth of these programs. We have the skilled technicians who will develop testing plans and procedures to support your program, as well as conduct testing and report results in the form of quality documentation.

Marine Systems Integration and Commissioning

Leonardo DRS Field Service personnel provides systems integration, check out, commissioning, and test services in the lab, pier-side, at-sea, or in the field to verify proper system operation following hardware and software installation. We develop and conduct System Operability Verification Tests (SOVT) and Set-to-Work tests to verify systems and reduce the risk of equipment malfunction when the equipment is integrated. Our tests include:

  • Cold checks, continuity testing of all wire terminations
  • Fiber optic terminations
  • Input power checks
  • Power on tests
  • Operational testing

Leonardo DRS also provides experienced field service support at program milestones such as Builder’s Dock Trials, Builder’s At-Sea Trials, and Preliminary Acceptance Trials for all equipment installed by Leonardo DRS.

After the system has been commissioned, our maritime field support services personnel provide on the job (OJT) training to equipment operators and maintainers. Leonardo DRS Field Service engineers have performed systems integration and commissioning services for the navies of Poland, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Egypt, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.


Depot Repairs for Naval ElectronicsDepot Repairs for Naval Electronics

Leonardo DRS offers complete management of your repairs, including coordinating shipment between your customer and our depot, tracking status, repair, testing, and return.

Our technicians develop the method, procedures, and processes to conduct repairs, replacements, and modifications to ensure the item can be returned to the customer within the required time frame. We specialize in Micro / Miniature Repair (2M), Overhaul and Refurbishment, and Fiber Optic cable fabrication and testing. All pre- and post-repair testing is conducted in-house by experienced technicians.

Our team is quality-certified for technical support services, ensuring that the work is accomplished with the highest standards of safety and quality. Our responsive program support personnel manage and communicate the administrative details of the transaction to provide customer service that exceeds expectations.

Our depot and repair facilities, located in Johnstown PA and Largo FL, provide responsive customer support. We are Commercial Asset Visibility Phase II (CAVII) members and AS9100 quality certified. All items are expertly packaged in accordance with MIL-SPEC guidelines and shipped for return to customers by our trained personnel.


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