Ground Vehicle EO/IR Sensors

See First, Understand First, Act First, and Finish Decisively.

Today’s complex battlefield requires unique technologies to give our armed forces distinct advantages. And when warfighters own the accuracy, they maintain the situational awareness they need on the battlefield from the safety of their vehicles.

With vehicle EO/IR sensors from Leonardo DRS, warfighters can see farther in harsh battlefield conditions. They improve their situational awareness, and are able to detect distant threats faster so they can deliver a rapid, lethal response.

Our industry-leading uncooled long-wave detectors provide readily selectable fields of view for increasing situational awareness and allowing for first-on-target and fire burst engagement, as well as improves SWaP to give warfighters the edge.

There’s also the Driver’s Vision Enhancer line of products. From our ESA—Enhanced Situational Awareness Family of Systems—these components bolster safety and situational awareness. The advanced capabilities of the DVE line give armored vehicle crews the battlefield vision and maneuverability they demand. This improved vision and situational awareness, when combined with the MFoCS network empowers warfighters with heightened lethality in any environment. 

Leonardo DRS is committed to modernizing ground combat vehicle platforms to enhance battlefield understanding, safety, and success. And as a leading provider of advanced electro optical technologies in lethality, target acquisition, surveillance, and situational awareness for the modern battlefield, our sensor technologies provide warfighters with a distinct battlefield advantage so they own the edge.

Driver’s Vision Enhancement

Next Generation DVE’s for Military Combat Vehicles

Leonardo DRS’ Driver’s Vision Enhancement products improve survivability and mission capability by maintaining the driver and crew’s awareness of their environment.

Leonardo DRS offers a complete suite of products that provide armored vehicle users with visibility from their vehicle whilst under armor. By providing drivers a wider field of view (FOV), they can safely maneuver combat vehicles in convert missions and in times of limited visibility through battlefield obscurants.

Long Range EO/IR

Imaging and Targeting Systems

Leonardo DRS is a world leader in development and production of EO/IR surveillance sensors and targeting sights for combat/tactical wheeled vehicles (domestic and international).

Our primary technology solutions for Current Force, Modernization, and Future Force include: Cooled 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation and scanning thermal imaging, uncooled long wave IR, and cooled staring arrays.

Stabilized Sensor Suites

State-of-the-Art Recon On the Move, On Any Platform

Stabilized EO/IR sensors systems enhance full-spectrum reconnaissance and precision fire targeting capability. These sensors provide precision far-target location and laser target designation for both artillery and precision-guided munitions to achieve first-shot target lethality.

The sensor suites offer various radar, day, and thermal imaging, as well as laser systems with on-the-move capability and slew to cue between sensors, weapons, and platforms.


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