The Next-Generation Intelligence, Information, Cyber, Electronic Warfare and Space Sensor

BlackLab is Leonardo DRS’ next generation networked intelligence, information, cyber, electronic warfare and space sensor. The system provides mission-critical intelligence to the warfighter by rapidly detecting and locating a wide range of threat signals, monitoring signals of interest, and supporting real-time analysis of the signal environment.

BlackLab Highlights

  • Modular Open Radio Frequency Architecture (MORA) design compliant with CMOSS and SOSA standards.
  • Extreme frequency range antenna array that covers HF, VHF, UHF and SHF.
  • Addresses modern, frequency agile ES requirements by utilizing multi-channel, wideband direction finding which enables detection of extremely short duration frequency agile or non-comms signals.
  • Detect, locate, and make an I/Q recording on a removable storage device of the target for downstream analysis.

Our Commitment to MORA

We are committed to developing MORA systems to enable pacing technology advancements that improve lifecycle costs resulting in low-risk solutions for our customers. We serve as committee chairman for multiple VITA standards and are leading participants of the CMOSS and SOSA efforts. This critical involvement ensures our products are interoperable across all military branches and program offices.

System Configurations

BlackLab Manpack

With an antenna width of 6 inches and height of 7 inches, this BlackLab Manpack configuration is equipped with a wideband SDR and GPU processor in a chassis that is environmentally sealed. Included is a removable drive for TS/SCI loads, GFE tactical radio, 2590 battery and USB 3.1 smartphone interface.

BlackLab Tactical Vehicle RF Sensor

In this configuration, the BlackLab sensor provides comms and radar signal detection, geolocation, signal recognition and threat alerts. This low SWAP payload, weighing approximately 14 lbs., for persistent hoist is qualified for direct environmental exposure including extended sun loading.

BlackLab At-The-Halt Man Portable Kit

The at-the-halt mast kit utilizes a 3, 4 or 5 meter, deployable rolled mast to achieve elevation advantage. The rolled mast is quick and easy to deploy yet lightweight and compact for transport. The BlackLab antenna and radiohead, without battery, is positioned at the mast head.

A single BlackLab sensor combines electronic support (ES) and electronic attack (EA) capabilities operated from a user interface. The system’s light weight, low power consumption, field programmability, and multiple deployment configurations make it well suited for a wide range of operational scenarios.

All configurations support signal detection, wideband direction finding (DF), and precision time-stamped data collection supporting TDOA/FDOA geolocation operations. BlackLab is also compatible with Leonardo DRS’ geo-services suite of signal classification consisting of DF and TDOA geolocation engines, plus JICD 4.2 based command and control (C2), and data sharing for JICD enterprise operations.

BlackLab Drone RF Sensor

The drone RF sensor weighs 12 lbs. with typical power consumption of 45 watts, which allows the system to fly for indefinite periods of time from a wide range of platforms. This configuration is optimal for operations requiring extended range and long user interface standoff.


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