Blackstone Intelligence Sensor for Electronic Protection & Electronic Support

Mission-Critical Intelligence to the Warfighter

The Leonardo DRS Blackstone Sensor performs direction finding (DF), time difference of arrival (TDOA), electronic protection, and electronic support capabilities providing mission-critical intelligence to the Warfighter. By rapidly detecting and locating a wide range of threat signals, monitoring signals of interest, and supporting real-time analysis of the signal environment, you can ensure the right information flows to the right person when it’s needed.

The light weight, low power consumption, field programmability, and multiple deployment configurations make it well suited for a wide range of operational scenarios.

The Blackstone Body-Worn Sensor utilizes ruggedized Smartphone technology for configuration, command and control. It also displays parameters of intercepted signals and the positions of team members overlaid on a geo-referenced map, which provides situational awareness.

The Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK) extends the utility of the Blackstone Sensor into stationary mast and moving vehicle applications. The sensor and DF head are repurposed from their on-the-march configuration to the VMK configuration in less than five minutes. Vehicle mounting with the VMK improves the HF DF performance while extending mobility and field of view depending upon deployment.



  • Features a collapsible small form-factor DF antenna
  • Employs a low-SWaP, 2-channel, 6 MHz software definable radio in a ruggedized chassis designed to meet MIL-STD-810G specifications
  • A software load supports high-speed scanning, monitoring, and geolocation of narrowband signals in the 2-3000 MHz band
  • Supports single- or multi-node operations
    • Utilizes tactical radio for communications infrastructure
    • Flexible targeting control
    • Mapping of DF / TDOA and team node positions
    • Collaborative direction finding
    • Audio/visual target alerts

Body-Worn Blackstone Sensor

Blackstone dismounted EW sensor

Mission-Critical Intelligence to the Warfighter

The body-worn Blackstone sensor comes equipped with a DF antenna head featuring modular and digital I/O boards, smartphone controller, tactical radio, ruggedized Blackstone software-defined radio, and a small battery pack.

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Vehicle Mounted Blackstone Sensor

Blackstone vehicle mounted geolocation sensor

Geolocation Sensor

The Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK) extends the utility of the Blackstone sensor beyond on-the-march configuration. It can be installed on stationary masts, or moving vehicles of opportunity including maritime platforms.

Download the data sheet