Flatrack Refueling Capability (FRC)

Flexible, Highly Deployable Field Fuel Distribution Solution

The Flatrack Refueling Capability (FRC) system provides the capability to transport, filter and distribute fuel, and provides for tactical refueling of aircraft or vehicles in an expeditionary environment. Mounted on an ISO frame with flatrack base, the FRC can be rapidly emplaced, operated, maintained and recovered. It is compatible with the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, Load Handling System, the Palletized Load System truck and trailer and the United States Marine Corps Logistics Vehicle System Replacement.

The FRC is mobile when it is full, partially full or empty, and can be used at any location, even without the availability of construction or material handling equipment. Using its 9,464-liter / 2,500-gallon tank, diesel engine‑driven 946 liters / 250 gallons-per-minute pump, and ancillary equipment, the FRC is capable of fueling and defueling kerosene-based fuels to one aircraft or fueling two ground vehicles simultaneously.

  • Minimum operator training for quick setup and operation
  • Self-contained, ruggedized unit
  • Prime movers: Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR), Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT), Load Handling System (LHS), Palletized Load System (PLS) and trailer
  • Operates on or off prime mover
  • Standard size ISO frame with flatrack base
  • 9,464 liters / 2,500 gallon capacity
  • Diesel engine-driven self‑priming pump
  • Aircraft pressure refueling and defueling with deadman control
  • Tactical vehicle refueling: two vehicles simultaneously
  • Emergency refueling/defueling using 170 Ipm / 45 gpm positive displacement electric pump
  • Filter separator and relaxation vessel


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