Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS)

Highly Mobile Vehicle-Mounted Shelter System

The M8E1 Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS) is a highly mobile, self-contained collective protection system that provides a contamination free, environmentally controlled working area for combat medical services and combat service support personnel to work freely without continuously wearing chemical biological protective clothing.

Key performance enhancements over the previous M8 system including a larger 400 square foot air beam shelter that allows greater patient capacity and easier maneuverability. Conditioned air capacity has been increased to provide greater comfort and security to medical personnel and patients even under extreme conditions.

Designed for easy maintainability, the filters and engine have easy access for routine maintenance. Extensive built-in test, diagnostic, and control functions through a central computer-based control panel allow for efficient identification and resolution of issues. Structural modifications improve safety and allow for more rapid deployment.


  • Chemical and biological agent protection (compatible with JCAD, ACADA, or M8A1
  • Self-contained system integrated on an FMTV platform
  • Environmentally-controlled filtered air supply
  • Supports Level I and II Medical Units and Forward Surgical Teams


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