Aircraft Sensing

Detecting and Defeating to Improve Aircraft Survivability.

The threats never rest so neither can your Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE). From advanced infrared detectors for early warning detection to next-generation Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) for missile defeat, we help provide the best protection and awareness technologies available so our military can stay ahead of the threats.

Advanced Sensors

Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM) — DAIRCM is an aircraft survivability system approach that utilizes a single sensor for both 2-color IR missile warning and a wide angle field of view gimbal for threat countermeasures. Additional capabilities of the system include Hostile Fire Indication (HFI), laser warning, and future application for Degraded Visual Environment. The DAIRCM system distributed sensors provide a 360-degree aircraft self-protection capability with a future situational awareness application.

Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS) — The 2 Color Advanced Warning System (2C-AWS) sensor packages the Leonardo DRS 2 Color IR detector in the US Army’s AN/AAR-57 form factor. The sensor provides Missile Warning and hostile fire indication capabilities.

High Definition Long-Wave IR (HD LWIR) Sensor — The HD LWIR camera is a ruggedized sensor optimized to provide aircrews with situational awareness in a variety of environments.

Laser Technology for Aircraft Protection

The defense and security market is focused on protecting those who protect us. Its specialized applications include directed infrared countermeasures, explosives detection, combat identification, pre-shot detection, precision targeting/marking, and free-space communications. Leonardo DRS Daylight Solutions has leveraged its core technologies into modular, open system product architectures that provide rapid fielding of new capabilities in defense technology to stay ahead of the evolving threats to our nation.

Aircraft Survivability Test Systems

On the factory production line, at depot, or on the flight line
Operational and functional test requirements are quickly and cost effectively diagnosed with our on-aircraft End-to-End Test systems and antenna coupler sets.

Aircraft Survivability Equipment Trainer (ASET)

ASET is a man-in-the-loop full-power system with high-fidelity signal representation for tactical training for Army rotary-wing aircrews. While no longer in active production, Leonardo DRS continues to provide critical upgrades and support for the widely fielded system. This system was originally developed to mimic a soviet tactical air defense unit. It is upgradeable to reflect the newest tactical RF surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery threats.

Altitude Hold and Hover Stabilization

The Altitude Hold, Hover Stabilization and Auto Pilot (AHHS-AP) System provides a low-cost solution for reduced pilot workload, increased flight safety, improved operational capability, and situational awareness particularly during low visibility conditions. The AHHS-AP provides hands-free cyclic and collective control for cruise, automatic approach, low-altitude hover operations, precision hover and drift control, automatic descend to land, and automatic go-around. AHHS-AP delivers precise control capabilities that allow aircrews to safely operate in environments that would otherwise be impossible, such as brownout/whiteout conditions, overwater hover operations, and tight landing zones. AHHS-AP integrates with the aircraft’s existing flight control systems and is capable of interfacing with a myriad of on-board sensor inputs including barometric and radar altimeters, navigation and flight management systems, embedded GPS/INS, accelerometers, gyros, and data bus architectures.

Small-UAS Tactical Agile Gimbals (STAG)

The STAG family is a line of best-in-class stabilized systems providing a broad range of ISR and Targeting (ISR&T) capabilities across several classes of payload families: STAG4, STAG5, and STAG8. The STAG Families support STANAG compliant laser designation in small UAS class gimbal payload. The open architecture and common platform base deliver the same precision pointing and controls across a broad range of mission optimized payloads.


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