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Leading The Way In Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and RF Technology

Our latest solutions are categorized into three technology areas each maximizing dynamic range by using sophisticated architectures at a no-compromise design philosophy. Each technology adopts an open standard approach and can be packaged in a modular architecture tailored for each unique mission.


Vesper Product Family

Vesper is a significant advancement in high-performance RF technology and dense channel packaging. With a modular and open architecture design, Vesper can be easily configured to support specific requirements. This flexibility provides a low-risk approach when integrated into a system’s final design. Vesper is the ideal RF front end for systems performing military and commercial operations such as SIGINT, ESM, EW, spectrum monitoring, spectrum analysis, and test and measurement.


Sparrow & Raven Product Families

The small yet powerful Sparrow & Raven family are optimal front-end tuners for both commercial and military systems that search, intercept, and locate electromagnetic energy. Key threat detection applications include COMINT, ELINT, ESM and EW operations. The tuners’ ability to see weak signals in the presence of strong interferers and superior signal fidelity allows users to confidently deploy the tuner in the most demanding signal environments and achieve performance that far exceeds other products.

HF Tuners

Harrier Product Family

Equipped with the highest dynamic range among HF tuners, Harrier’s ability to detect very weak signals in dense and noisy HF signal environments is unsurpassed. With the ability to continuously stare at the entire HF spectrum and to perform precision tuning in multiple sub-bands, Harrier’s dual-use technology meets challenges posed by a range of missions. These include communications intelligence, commercial spectrum monitoring, emergency public safety, and everyday business applications where disruptions in service by interfering signals must be overcome.

High RF Performance Tuners, Receivers, and Subsystems Providing Disruptive Capabilities for Mission Applications

The Leonardo DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems line of business is a world leader in high-performance data recording collection systems and radio frequency (RF) tuners, receivers, and subsystems that cover the electromagnetic spectrum from VLF to microwave. Our products are densely packaged with cutting-edge RF technology in order to detect signals of interest that would otherwise go unnoticed.

We are committed to providing outstanding product reliability and support, so you can focus on mission success. That is why our signal products come standard with a 3-year warranty (some restrictions may apply).

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Our Legacy as The Former Watkins-Johnson Company – For over 60 years, we have continued to hold up the Watkins-Johnson reputation as the oldest, most dependable and innovative RF house in the world serving the Signals Intelligence community.


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