Dismounted Electronic Warfare

Helping our warfighters own the electromagnetic spectrum is paramount to their safety and success on the battlefield.

Dismounted EW videoWith adversaries constantly challenging our dominance in cyberspace and the EMS spectrum, these operational environments become increasingly contested and complex. Having a reliable upper hand to assure and maintain access, use, fires, and maneuverability within the EMS and across all domains home and abroad—is more necessary than ever before.

Intelligence, Information, Cyber, Electronic Warfare and Space systems (I2CEWS) help maintain overmatch against adversaries in these domains, while sharing the spectrum with allies. These I2CEWS systems help our warfighters rapidly detect, locate, monitor, and provide real-time analysis of the signal environment for improved situational awareness.

Take our low size, weight, and power hardware for example. With these advanced, small-profile sensors, warfighters can easily wear the systems in the field. And with enhanced performance features for rapidly detecting, locating, monitoring, and analyzing signals of interest, warfighters can be confident that the right information will flow to the commanders who need it, when they need it.

Maintaining overmatch against adversaries requires advanced signals, communications, and electronic intelligence. It requires offensive cyber and electronic warfare capabilities. It calls for reduced carry loads and improving SWaP, while not sacrificing performance. And, it creates a more lethal warfighter at the center of a modernized, advanced combat platform so they can always own the edge wherever and whenever they need.


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SI-8649A PicoFlexor SDR

SI-8649A/PF PicoFlexor™ Software Definable Radio Platform

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SI-8646 Talon Multichannel Receiver

SI-8646 Talon Multichannel VHF/UHF Receiver

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SI9249 product

SI-9249/FE12 Frequency Extender

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SI8728A product

SI-8728A Eight-Channel Narrowband HF Tuner Subsystem

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SI9158 SIGINT Tuner product front view

SI-9158 Microwave SIGINT VME64x Tuner

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SI-9332 product, front view

SI-9332 32 x 32 HF Switch Matrix

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Sparrow front view

SI-9170 Sparrow Wideband Microwave 3U VPX Tuner

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SI-8746 Harrier Tuner

SI-8746 Harrier Multichannel Wideband HF Digital Tuner

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SI-9150 Polaris Wideband Tuner

SI-9150 Polaris VHF/UHF Multichannel Wideband Tuner

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Blackstone DF and ES System

Blackstone System DF and Electronic Surveillance Systems

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9173 Vesper VHF/UHF VPX Receiver Exciter

SI-9173 Vesper Family of VHF/UHF 6U VPX Receivers and Exciters

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PicoFlexor Transceiver

PicoFlexor™ Transceiver

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DRS Signal Solutions

Signal Solutions

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Electronic Warfare EW classroom training

Electronic Warfare (EW) Training System

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JPT frontal view of product

Joint Platform Tablet (JPT)

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Camera modules compared to ball sizes

Uncooled Thermal Camera Modules

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