Multi-Function Rugged Tablet (MRT104) II

Highly Integrated & Extremely Rugged Computing Tablet

The MRT104 II Computing Tablet incorporates Intel’s Core i7 processor technology, as well as removable 2.5″ solid state drives and an extensive array of external interfaces.

The MRT104 II utilizes an ultra rugged 10.4″ XGA LCD that is directly bonded to a resistive, multi-touch touchscreen that meets harsh vibration and shock vehicle environments. The tablet provides the user with the flexibility to operate the tablet computer in both direct sunlight and extremely low-light level applications.

The MRT104 II is ideally suited for both fixed and mobile applications. Quick disconnect connectors and mounting latches coupled with two Lithium-ion batteries that incorporate technology for extreme temperature operation, provides the user with on-the-go capability. Operation in the toughest military, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and industrial environments has been validated through an intensive qualification program and fielded operations.

The MRT104 II is ideally suited to meet computing, sensor integration, and video processing needs in mobile and harsh environments where reliability is critical. The architecture supports hosting of applications as well as collection and streaming of sensor data. The MRT104 II can operate multiple operating systems and virtual machines concurrently to support diverse applications.

A Capability Upgrade Bay (CUB) allows the MRT104 II to be customized to support customer specific I/O demands for any application. Several standard CUB card options are available for additional Ethernet ports, 802.11 wireless, etc.*

The MRT104 II incorporates a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) as part of a comprehensive Embedded Security architecture based on advanced Trusted Computing technologies. The Hardware Root of Trust built by the MRT104 II Embedded Hardware Security subsystem provides a unique and advanced foundation for Cybersecurity threat protection.

*Custom configuration and capabilities available


Mount Rack product
  • APPLICATION HOSTING – Dual core i7 processor allows the MRT104 II to run multiple concurrent native and virtual applications.
  • POSITION / TIME DISTRIBUTION – Commercial and Military embedded GPS card options enable internal use and external redistribution of Position, Time, TOD, and 1PPS information.
  • PORTABILITY – Quick disconnect features, internal batteries, low power draw, and small space claim are key features for maneuverability while in a mounted or dismounted configuration. The MRT104 II’s capabilities are increased when utilized with the I/O Expansion Dock or DDUx II.
  • RUGGEDNESS – With a strong aluminum housing, industrial grade connectors, high performance batteries, and a robust display the MRT104 II can handle the harshest of
    environmental conditions.
  • VIDEO ACQUISITION / ENCODING / STREAMING / DVR – Video management software tools enable full management of the two RS-170 video inputs including capture, encoding, storing and sharing of this data over the network.
  • EMBEDDED HARDWARE SECURITY – The MRT104 II employs multiple embedded security options that provide substantial protection against modern hardware focused cybersecurity threats. Technologies such as a Secure BIOS architecture, per computer unique BIOS password assignment, digitally signed BIOS updates, factory provisioned TPM, Measured Launch environment, and secure storage of customer pre-placed keys are just a few of the unique security options. Security Deployment tools enable fleet implementation of Secure Boot and Self-Encrypting Drive technologies to protect data integrity and prevent unauthorized boot media.


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