Data Distribution Unit (DDU) Block IV

Unite a multitude of platforms and capabilities with one smarter, more efficient mission system.

The Leonardo DRS Data Distribution Unit Block IV (DDU IV) uses a combination of hardware and software to enable centralized interaction with platform electronics, sensors and subsystems for operation in the toughest military, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and industrial environments. The DDU IV is based on a modular design that uses industry standard interfaces and protocols. This enables the DDU IV to be seamlessly integrated into current C4 platforms to aggregate disparate subsystems via a single operator interface that provides a Common Operational Picture.

Leonardo DRS’s integrated systems approach allows data to be disseminated across the network in near-real-time to other platform workstations, adjacent units and higher headquarters.

The DDU IV provides the following additional capabilities to enhance tactical platform C4ISR with significant reductions in Size, Weight, Power and Cost:

  • Tactical Server – The DDU IV has the computing horsepower to support native and end user services and applications. Virtualization on the DDU IV allows concurrent operation of these additional services, even if the applications require multiple different underlying Operating Systems such as Windows and LINUX.
  • Tactical Router – The DDU IV is a fully capable data router and Ethernet switch, interconnecting on-board IP capable
    equipment and off-platform networks using a variety of available interfaces, and cellular LTE with worldwide coverage and data rates up to 150Mbps. Optional
    embedded 802.11 available.
  • Voice Cross Banding and Call Management – The DDU IV is a radio agnostic gateway that interfaces to analog and digital voice radios. It provides a decentralized management service that enables cross-banding of any connected radio. The DDU IV also seamlessly interoperates with COTS VoIP devices and infrastructure using the SIP protocol.
  • Video Distribution – The DDU IV accepts up to four (4) analog RS 170 video feeds or a single high definition HDMI or VGA input and converts them to digital video for distribution on any attached LAN/WAN interface. The DDU IV also distributes protected video using a forward error correction protocol to accommodate packet loss often seen in highly mobile networks. This video is multicast across the network and made available to any number of receive locations. The video can also be user selected and stored locally or remotely. The DDU IV has display outputs that can send video to a single RS 170, VGA, or LVDS display
  • Peripheral Control, Radio Management, and Sensor Interfaces – The DDU IV hosts a software graphical user interface (GUI) that can control a variety of peripherals, radios, and sensors through any connected workstation without requiring the operator to physically manipulate the device.
  • GPS Distribution – The DDU IV commercial GPS receiver can simultaneously receive position information from multiple GPS constellations.
  • Vehicle Interface – The DDU IV provides two CAN BUS interfaces allowing applications access to vehicle sensors and systems.