Mission Command Systems

Integrate. Analyze. Visualize. Act.

mission command system diagram

Fully-integrated networking and communications systems deliver the tactical advantage.

Integrate data, analysis, and power for an unmistakable advantage. Leonardo DRS’ fully-integrated mission systems for networking and communications are the proven choice for superior battle management capabilities in the toughest environments. Our mission command systems are comprised of:

  • Data Distribution Unit (DDU) Tactical Computer
  • GVA Displays
  • Vehicle Intercom System
  • And the seamless integration of multiple applications and sensors

Leonardo DRS delivers scalable, platform-agnostic mission systems that offer your soldiers the advantage. Learn more below.

Industry Article

Asian Defence Technology Magazine

Innovative Integration – Transforming tactical command & control capabilities

Land Electronics

Providing C4I Network computing and integrated situational awareness, as well as state-of-the-art embedded diagnostics, vehicle power management and combat vehicle integration products and services.

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Drawing Lessons from Years of Expertise to Support the Evolution of Military Computing