Data Center Protection System

Predict, detect, and protect against data center power outages.

Data Center Protection SystemThe Data Center Protection System (DCPS) can predict failures before they occur using predictive modeling and failure precursor detection. Overstressed or failing hardware components can be sensed with the revolutionary comprehensive sensor suite so that data center personnel can maintain equipment or receive warning before system failure.

The DCPS utilizes the same arc-fault prevention and detection system currently used on the Navy’s largest vessels, capable of providing automated high-reliability changeover during an arc-fault event. The DCPS is comprised of a unique and complimentary collection of sensors which monitor and protect systems from failures and total destruction.

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Arleigh Burke Vessel

The DCPS is derived from the proven Arc-Fault Detection System that is currently trusted to protect the power grids of some of the most valuable U.S. Navy vessels.

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