Electronic Warfare (EW) Training

An intensive classroom training environment that utilizes a unique software system to provide education and training on the radio frequency (RF) spectrum and electronic warfare (EW) via a realistic representation of today’s RF threats and through a wide variety of instructor generated scenarios.

Leonardo DRS’ EW Trainer System is a cost effective, laboratory-based platform that facilitates the training of military, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) personnel in Communications Intelligence (COMINT) related disciplines. DRS also offers an optional Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) simulation as an add-on training feature.

The EW Trainer is typically deployed with two instructor positions: one position for scenario generation, and the other for scenario execution. It also includes up to 20 student workstations. Instructor and student positions are each equipped with a dedicated general purpose 1.5 MHz to 3 GHz receiver and a companion data demodulator for the reception and processing of live off-the-air or laboratory generated voice and data training signals through the use of DRS’ proprietary COMINT simulation program. 

Given the breadth and sophistication of the training materials, the EW Trainer System is delivered with a comprehensive onsite “Train the Trainer” program presented by Leonardo DRS personnel.



  • Instructor-Led Classroom: An EW training solution that provides the warfighter the capability to effectively train new EW teams and provide refresher training for the EW command.
  • Realistic Depiction of Today’s RF Threats: Improves operator and analysist efficiency and the ability to react real time to threats and attacks on
    the battlefield.
  • Student-Instructor Interaction: Provides personal classroom environment leading to improved student proficiency and retention of material.
  • Upgradeable to Integrate Tactical System Hardware: Hands-on training with tactical equipment provides a more realistic training experience.
  • Self-Paced Instruction: Allows warfighter to train the entire staff based on the proficiency and education-level of troops.
  • Wide Range of Training Module Selection: From RF basics to the intricacies of direction finding, electronic attack, electronic protection, and mission planning of a state-of-the-art EW system.