SI-9158 Microwave SIGINT VME64x Tuner

1 Channel, 250 MHz - 18.25 GHz Frequency Range, 500 MHz Bandwidth Tuner


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The SI-9158 Microwave VME 64x Tuner’s high performance and flexibility make it fully capable of being used for both Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Support (ES) operations. Covering the UHF/SHF spectrum from 250 MHz to 18.25 GHz, the SI-9158 can be reconfigured on the fly for either independent or phase-coherent operation. Features designed to optimize SIGINT operations include two simultaneous IF outputs (centered at 1 GHz and 160 MHz), a switchable log video output (one wideband and one narrowband), and multiple tuning approaches.

By providing two IF outputs with unique center frequencies and bandwidths, the SI-9158 enables the simultaneous processing of electronic intelligence (ELINT), communications intelligence (COMINT), and/or foreign instrumentation intelligence (FISINT) signals.

The SI-9158 provides four methods to tune a signal: fixed frequency, sweep (continuous coverage from a start frequency to a stop frequency), step tuning (through two tables, each with up to 4,865 re-programmable channels), and RF PAN mode for very fast spectral monitoring.

The SI-9158’s superior dynamic range allows intercept of weak signals in the presence of strong signals in dense environments. High signal fidelity and low phase noise support complex signal demodulators. The SI9158 delivers industry-leading single-tone and two-tone spurious performance.

SI-9158 Data Sheet
Meeting Today’s Challenges

The SI-9158 Microwave VME 64x Tuner’s high performance and flexibility make it fully capable of being used for both Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Support (ES) operations.

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