Ground Vehicle Network Computing & Communications

Fully Integrated Computing, Networking and Communications Systems That Deliver the Tactical Advantage

In today’s threat environment, which includes cyber, modernizing technologies to help warfighters own the network is critical to the safety and success of our military.

As the threat environment continues to become more challenging and complex—due to rapidly changing technology and competition emerging from peer and near-peer adversaries—our goal is to provide Warfighters with a unified network, a common operating environment, joint interoperability, command post mobility, and survivability so they have a reliable and secure source of situational awareness when they need it most.

For example, our Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) provides a common computing solution that consolidates a range of capabilities, users, standards, and applications – including Joint Battle Command Platform, the Mounted Computing Environment, VICTORY standards, and more. This creates a tactical computing solution that is rugged enough for extreme battlefield conditions while still delivering situational awareness and reducing the hardware needed in ground combat vehicles. And with over 160,000 units delivered, we have earned our reputation as a leading provider of battle management system-mounted hardware in the U.S. and across the globe—helping to better secure situational understanding for ground forces.

However, the need for greater situational awareness drives the need for improved data and communications bandwidth. That’s why Leonardo DRS’ products and sub-systems provide trusted, resilient communications and computational resources that allow for secure, reliable data sharing and improved situational understanding from your vehicle, anywhere on the battlefield.

And, as the top provider of mission-critical computing platforms to the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, Leonardo DRS has provided the U.S. military with advanced tactical computing units for ground combat vehicles for more than two decades—providing advanced defense electronics solutions across all domains of warfare, so you own the edge.

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Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II

MFoCS II is the core component of the Mounted Computing Environment. As the key enabler of any vehicle C5ISR architecture, MFoCS II provides a fully integrated Mission Command suite of capabilities.

A-PNT vehicles

Introducing AC²ES (A-PNT Converged Computer – Embedded & Scalable)

AC²ES is the solution to GPS disruption – a capability designed to provide Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (A-PNT) information at all times.

MFoCS II Video

Learn how MFoCS provides modular computing capabilities for ground vehicles and weapons platforms across the joint services.


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